Submission Guidelines

All submissions to The Candidate Journal must be sent in an email attachment as a Word document (not a PDF) to the Editors at  

Length.  We would prefer submissions be between 3,000-9,000 words, but will consider shorter and longer essays.  Article submissions must include a separate cover page with the author’s name and contact information, a 150-word abstract, and a 50 to 75-word biographical sketch.  Book and film reviews should be about 1000-3000 words; longer review essays covering several books or films will be considered. 

Anonymity.  In article manuscripts, all information about the author should be limited to the cover page.  Texts are sent to outside readers in anonymous form and should be prepared without the author’s name and other indicators of her/his identity.

Article Format.  We are interested in a wide range of essays: academic articles, clinical writings, personal essays, free associations, and other experimental material.  Manuscripts should be double-spaced throughout, including quotations, references, and endnotes.  Explanatory notes should be kept to a minimum.  Each page of the text should be numbered.  The reference section and endnotes should immediately follow the text.  All submissions that are accepted for publication will be formatted according to the specifications of the journal and will receive copyediting and proofreading by the editorial staff of the journal.  Please include in your submission a cover page with the author’s name, contact information and bio, and the abstract of the paper.

Notes.  The list of references must conform to APA (American Psychological Association) style.  The APA author-date system of citation should be used in the text.  References from electronic sources should include full URL code and the date retrieved.  The list of references should include only works cited in the essay.  Please refer to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association for guidance in formatting references and page citations.  References to the work of Sigmund Freud must cite either the Standard Edition or the German collected works with cross-reference to the Standard Edition.  The alphabetical reference list should be titled “References.”

Film Review Format.  Reviews should be at least 1,000 words.  The director, film title in English (original title, when applicable) and year of release, as well as your name, contact information, and affiliation, must be indicated at the top of the review.  Full credits for the film in the usual format at the end of the review must be provided.  Endnotes should be minimal.

ImagesThe Candidate Journal will provide illustrations for film reviews, but not for articles.  Authors of articles and reviewers who wish to submit specific images should submit images in two separate files: a file in Word Document or compatible format including text, references, and endnotes; and a file with images and full captions in JPG, a 200-300 dpi resolution, and 300 pixels at the larger side.  Authors are responsible for handling permissions associated with the reproduction of images.

Review Process.  In most cases, article submissions will be sent to two referees. The Editors base their judgment on the referee reports but are not bound by them.  If revisions are recommended, the Editors will formulate for the author what is required and will supply either extensive excerpts or the full text of the referees’ comments.  Anonymity of both authors and referees will be maintained.  If the Editors regard a submission as inappropriate for the journal, they will inform the author promptly, without involving external referees, stating their reasons.  Submissions that are not articles (for example, book and film reviews, interviews, and experimental writing) will be reviewed internally by the Editorial Board and anonymity of authors will not be maintained.

Timing.  Ordinarily, the Editors are able to report back to authors about their submissions within one to three months.  Externally reviewed submissions can take up to four months. We begin editing issues about six months before they are published.  Once an article has been accepted and revised, authors will receive a copyedited manuscript back for review.  They normally will have two weeks in which to review and return their articles.  Approximately one month later, authors will receive final page proofs as a PDF to catch any inadvertent errors with about seven days to turn these around.

If you have questions, you may contact the Editors at:

Copyright.  Authors are required to sign a Publication Rights Form with The Candidate Journal.  Please download the form, print, sign, and return to the Editor.  If you wish to include images or video clips, an additional written permission is required from the copyright holder of the material in question, which should be sent with the copyright form in advance of publication to the Editor.